Wisconsin Doctors, Abortion Providers Line Up Behind Sarah Godlewski: “Best Candidate to Beat Ron Johnson and Protect Reproductive Freedom”

MADISON — Fresh off the debate stage where Sarah Godlewski stood out as the clear champion for protecting women’s reproductive freedom, a group of future, current, and retired abortion care providers, nurse practitioners, and doctors are endorsing Sarah Godlewski’s campaign for U.S. Senate. They highlighted her track record of advocating for reproductive rights, outspoken commitment to protecting access to abortion across Wisconsin, and promise to ensure that anti-choice extremist Senator Ron Johnson is defeated in the general election.

“I’m the only one in this race who now has fewer rights than I had a few weeks ago. No one in this race will fight harder to protect reproductive rights than I will. I’m proud to earn these doctors’ support and stand with them in this fight. A ban in Wisconsin from 1849 is back in effect meaning doctors could face jail time and up to $10,000 in fines for taking care of their patients because Ron Johnson and the Republican Party decided they know more than medical providers do,” said Sarah Godlewski. “Ron Johnson said overturning Roe wouldn’t be a big change for Wisconsin, but I’m here to say that he’s going to wake up to a big change in November when we defeat him.”

Dr. Kristin Lyerly: “In an instant, the Supreme Court decision took away our right to make informed decisions about our own bodies, decisions that impact every aspect of our lives for the rest of our lives. As a woman, a mom, and most urgently a physician, I’m proud to support Sarah’s Senate campaign to elevate the voices of Wisconsin women at the policymaking table. I know she’ll fight like hell to make reproductive freedom a reality, because she gets it.” 

Dr. Shefaali Sharma: “As doctors and providers we see first hand the devastating impact of the decades-long assault Republicans and Sen. Ron Johnson have waged on access to abortion here in Wisconsin and across the country. We need a Democratic pro-choice champion standing up for us in Washington D.C. and we know Sarah Godlewski is the right one for the job.”

As the only woman in the Democratic primary, Sarah has received national attention for her leadership before and after the news first leaked that the U.S. Supreme Court was poised to overturn Roe v. Wade and end the constitutional right to abortion. She was the first senate candidate in the country to cut an ad in the wake of the leaked decision.

Since the official U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Sarah’s campaign received more individual donations than any day since the launch of her campaign, only to surpass that number a day later. She also delivered a passionate speech at DPW’s Convention about the Supreme Court decision. A straw poll conducted by WisPolitics during the Convention showed Sarah Godlewski “effectively tied” with Mandela Barnes among the democratic faithful and core primary voters. 

The full coalition of endorsers includes:

Dr. Kristin Lyerly – Green Bay

Dr. Erin Stevens – Green Bay

Dr. Mackenzie Carlson – Green Bay

Dr. Jennifer Burns – Green Bay

Heather Heyrman, Medical Student – Green Bay

Allison Carlisle, Medical Student – Green Bay

Emma Ellis, Medical Student – Green Bay

Zoe Weller, Medical Student – Green Bay

Dr. Shefaali Sharma – Madison

Dr. Amanda Schmehil – Madison

Dr. Abby Cutler- Madison

Dr. Amy Kaleka – Madison

Dr. Jill Bluemner – Madison

Dr. Amanda Schwartz – Madison

Dr. Jensa M. Carlson – Madison

​​Ann Baggot, Nurse Practitioner – Madison

Samantha Crowley, Medical Student – Madison

Dr. Cara Syth – Menomonie

Dr. Kate Schoyer – Milwaukee

Dr. Camila Bomtempo – Milwaukee

Dr. Kate Dielentheis – Milwaukee

Dr. Anna Palatnik – Milwaukee

Dr. Kate Dielentheis – Milwaukee