Sarah Godlewski Urges Congress to Break Up Build Back Better, Hold Separate Votes on Plan’s Individual Proposals

MADISON – Today, candidate for U.S. Senate and Wisconsin State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski called on Congressional leaders to break up the Build Back Better plan, and swiftly introduce and pass its individual components separately. This solution provides the best opportunity to free up relief for working families from the legislative logjam that has stalled these popular and urgently-needed proposals for months.

“Washington’s business-as-usual isn’t working for Wisconsin’s workers and families,” said Sarah Godlewski. “Wisconsinites know that when things get hard, you can’t just throw up your hands, and neither can the Senate. It’s time to go about this in a different and more practical way that will get these key pillars of Build Back Better passed and finally deliver relief for working families. The need is just too great to stop now.” 

The proposals that should be introduced individually this month include:

  • Lower the cost of child care and care for aging parents
  • Lower health care premiums for millions of families
  • Lower prescription drug costs, giving Medicare the power to negotiate lower prices
  • Establish paid family and medical leave
  • Add dental, vision, and hearing coverage to Medicare
  • Make the expanded child tax credit permanent 
  • Confront the climate crisis and invest in resilience to save money down the road
  • Pass a tax on large corporations and the wealthy so they pay their fair share and these investments are funded with no deficit increase