Sarah Godlewski Unveils Plan To Address the Mental Health Crisis

Godlewski: “Our system needs a major overhaul”

Today, State Treasurer and candidate for U.S. Senate Sarah Godlewski released her latest policy plan which focuses on addressing the mental health crisis in Wisconsin and across America. 

“Everywhere I go, no matter who I’m listening to, Wisconsinites share their concerns about the mental health crisis in our state, and I want you to know I hear you,” said Sarah Godlewski. “We must expand access for everyone everywhere, provide resources for anyone suffering from addiction, and hold pharmaceutical and social media giants accountable for their part in getting us here. Our system needs a major overhaul, so I’m putting mental health solutions front and center in my campaign and will do the same in the U.S. Senate.”

Throughout her campaign, Sarah has shown up all over the state, listening and offering common sense solutions to the problems facing so many Wisconsinites. No matter where she is or who she’s speaking to – from residents in Superior to farmers in Augusta to community leaders in Eau Claire to mothers in Milwaukee – mental health comes up. It’s clear this crisis has gone unaddressed for far too long and as a result, she’s releasing this plan.

Sarah’s plan focuses on:

  • Expanding access to behavioral health services and providers
  • Confronting the youth mental health crisis
  • Supporting veterans’ access to mental health care
  • Tackling the farmers’ mental health crisis 
  • Addressing the maternal mental health crisis 
  • Providing resources for addiction recovery and holding Big Pharma accountable
  • Safeguarding our seniors’ mental health

Read the full plan here.

This week, Sarah will travel across Wisconsin to meet with families and providers about mental health challenges and the need for reliable access to mental health services.