Sarah Godlewski releases plan to address mental health crisis

Vowing to “expand access to everyone everywhere,” State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski released a plan to address the country’s mental health crisis.

“Our system needs a major overhaul, so I’m putting mental health solutions front and center in my campaign and will do the same in the U.S. Senate,” Godlewski said in a statement.

Key proposals in the plan include streamlining licensing procedures for mental health professionals, fully funding and implementing the new 988 suicide prevention lifeline and supporting the Kids Online Safety Act of 2022, a children’s online safety bill.

Godlewski’s plan urged that opioid manufacturers be held accountable “for the damage they’ve caused to families across Wisconsin and the United States.”

The plan backed “developing mental health screening programs in public schools” and an increase in “federal funding for hiring school counselors, nurses and psychologists.”

There were also proposals to provide increased support for new mothers, college students, veterans, farmers, seniors and those recovering from addiction.