New Poll

From: Katherine Patterson, Public Policy Polling
To: Interested Parties
Subject: Godlewski the Only Candidate Ahead of Johnson After Voters Learn About Candidates

A new Public Policy Polling survey finds Sarah Godlewski leading Ron Johnson in the 2022 Wisconsin Senate race after voters are given more information about the candidates and their backgrounds.

Following descriptions of each of the candidates’ vision, plan and records, Godlewski leads Johnson by 2 points (48-46), with 5% undecided. Mandela Barnes is losing to Johnson 50-47. Prior to learning about the candidates, both Godlewski and Barnes trail Johnson, both within the margin of error.

Godlewski beats Johnson 48-46

This is crucial, because Wisconsin Democrats strongly prefer a candidate who has the best chance of beating Johnson in the general election (81%) to a candidate who holds the most progressive positions on policies (14%).

The poll also finds, by a 7-point margin, voters think Godlewski has the best chance over Barnes to beat Johnson in the general election (28-21), with just over half (51%) still Unsure.

Wisconsinites are dissatisfied with Johnson, with the Senator underwater in favorability by 6 points (43-49). Voters are less familiar with Godlewski. A majority (66%) are unsure whether they hold a favorable or unfavorable opinion of her, which offers further opportunity for Godlewski to grow support as she increases in name recognition among Wisconsin voters.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 636 Wisconsin voters from November 12-13, 2021. The margin of error is +/- 3.9%. 62% of interviews for the survey were conducted by text message and 38% by telephone.

 Read the memo from Public Policy Polling here.