Help Sarah Godlewski get on the ballot!

Thanks for helping our campaign get Sarah Godlewski on the ballot for the U.S. Senate! From APRIL 15 to JUNE 1, we need your help to get 4,000 nomination signatures from eligible Wisconsin voters.

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  • Petition signers must be “qualified electors” and reside within the State of Wisconsin.
    • Qualified electors are individuals who are eligible to register and vote, they do not have to be a registered voter to sign the petition — meaning the signer is 18 years or older, a U.S. citizen, has resided in Wisconsin for at least 28 days, and has not lost their right to vote due to a criminal felony conviction for which they are currently on probation, parole, or extended supervision.
  • Petition signers may only sign the nomination papers for one U.S. Senate candidate.


  • Petition circulators must at least be potentially eligible to vote in the State of Wisconsin, meaning out-of-state volunteers may circulate papers as long as they would be eligible to vote if they resided in the State of Wisconsin.
    • The petition circulator does not need to be a resident of Wisconsin or currently registered to vote in any state, but they must be eligible to register to vote here — meaning 18 years or older, a U.S. citizen, and not serving any portion of a sentence for a felony offense.
  • Petition circulators must personally witness each signature, meaning papers cannot be left unattended for signature collection (i.e. on an office desk or community board).
  • DO NOT sign and date the bottom of the sheet until you are done. If any signatures are dated after the circulator signed the sheet, those signatures will be invalid.
  • Please always confirm that the address and name of the signer are legible. All fields are required by the Wisconsin Elections Commission — except phone number and email. The signature may not be counted if any required information is incomplete.
  • Sign and date the bottom of the page right before returning completed petitions to us.
  • Please do not number the pages in the lower right-hand corner — the campaign will.
  • Remember: You do not need to fill out all 10 signatures on a page. If you can only get a few, those will still help Sarah get on the ballot!

You can gather signatures by going door to door, circulating papers at appropriate events, or in public spaces. If you’re on private property, you must gain the owner’s permission before gathering signatures. Generally speaking, you need to be on public property. We can not pay individuals to sign the papers.

Please mail completed and signed petitions by MAY 18th to Sarah for Wisconsin, PO Box 576, Madison, WI 53703 to ensure our campaign has enough time to organize forms before submitting them to the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Questions or concerns? Reach out to us at or (414) 678-1626.