Meet Sarah

“As a fifth-generation Wisconsinite, working mom, daughter of two public school teachers, and product of a union home — I have a different set of priorities, and unlike Ron Johnson, I’ll lead the fight for working families because that’s what you deserve from your next U.S. Senator.”

— Sarah Godlewski
A Fighter for Working Families

Sarah is a fifth-generation Wisconsinite born in Eau Claire. Her parents were both public school teachers and proud union members. She learned early on that when you see something wrong, you stand up and do something about it.

Growing up in western Wisconsin, Sarah understands the struggles working Wisconsinites are facing and will fight to make progress on the kitchen table issues that matter most.

Sarah’s Winning Record
  • Led two winning statewide campaigns in Wisconsin
  • Defeated Scott Walker’s efforts to eliminate the State Treasurer’s Office with a supermajority of the vote
  • Flipped 9 Trump counties and won by a larger margin than the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and the Attorney General
  • Ended the Republican gag order on climate change and prioritized investing in renewable energy projects
  • Led the investment of more than $299 million supporting over 451 projects in hundreds of communities across Wisconsin

To help pay for college, Sarah waited tables at Pizza Hut and Bakers Square. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in peace and conflict resolution studies from George Mason University, where she was student body president. During that time, she helped to successfully lobby the Virginia Legislature to pass absentee ballot reforms, advocated for a measure to increase student financial aid by $16 million, and served as a student representative on a state higher education board.1 2

After graduating college, Sarah led strategic planning and project management efforts for the Department of Defense as a consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton. Her time working with the Pentagon included developing language and culture capabilities for the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, improving Army readiness for FORSCOM, creating a medical services strategy for the Air Force Surgeon General, and addressing soldier morale for the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs. 

Sarah’s work in national security and foreign affairs continued as she was a member of a Bipartisan Congressional PTSD Task Force – a group that provided recommendations on how DoD and VA can better support military members, veterans, and their families. Sarah was also part of the volunteer UNICEF Board where she was Co-Chair of the Advocacy Committee and supported numerous projects that addressed child poverty.3 During Sarah’s time with UNICEF, she was lucky to meet her husband Max who also served on the board.4 In addition, Sarah’s microfinance work in rural India was transformative. She saw firsthand how access to capital can strengthen communities, help alleviate poverty while addressing gender inequalities. Her brief stint in India served as an inspiration that eventually led to co-founding an impact investment firm, MaSa Impact. The portfolio is mission-driven and invests in renewable and clean energy, women-owned businesses, and agriculture in Wisconsin and around the world.5 6

Sarah was a national security fellow with the Air War College and attended the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University. She has a Certificate in Public Treasury Management from the National Institute of Public Finance and Pepperdine School of Management. She attended the University of Virginia Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership and the University of Pennsylvania’s Executive Program for Public Administration.7

Taking On Powerful Interests

In 2018, Sarah took on Scott Walker and Wisconsin politicians to stop them from eliminating the Office of the State Treasurer — a move that would have made Walker and future governors more powerful.8 9 10 Sarah stepped up and launched a bipartisan statewide campaign that highlighted the importance of maintaining critical checks and balances in our state’s finances. She brought Wisconsinites from every corner of the state together to stop Walker’s power grab.11

Wisconsin voters chose to keep the State Treasurer’s office in a 62 to 38 percent margin — the kind of landslide victory that just doesn’t happen in Wisconsin.12 13 14

“Scott Walker was the most powerful political figure in Wisconsin, and Sarah Godlewski was a 37-year-old political unknown who had never held public office and who had spent most of her adult life crunching numbers as an expert in finance…she took on Walker and his Republican cronies at a time when most Democrats couldn’t be bothered to step up.”

The Nation, July 23, 2019

After saving the office, Sarah decided to run for State Treasurer and won by a larger margin than the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and the Attorney General.15 She ran on a platform of restoring the office after years of neglect, ensuring transparency and accountability, protecting vulnerable communities, holding big corporations accountable, and more.17

Getting Things Done for Wisconsin

Sarah’s first major act after being elected was to lift a Republican gag order that prevented climate change from being considered when making decisions on the investment of over $1.3 billion in state assets.18 Under Sarah’s leadership, she ensured the state invested in renewable energy projects, broadband expansion, and supported Wisconsin small businesses — leading to record funding for technology and books in public schools.18 19

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Robin Vos and the Republican state legislature didn’t do anything for 300 days, and Ron Johnson was busy spreading dangerous conspiracy theories, so Sarah stepped up. Under her leadership, millions of dollars in relief went to Wisconsin schools and communities. She led the first-ever special distribution of $5.25 million to address the remote learning challenges students and teachers were facing. Most recently, Sarah worked with Governor Tony Evers to secure $92.7 million for struggling Wisconsinites at risk of losing their homes.20

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Fighting for Wisconsin’s Future

The people of Wisconsin deserve a U.S. Senator who’s going to have their backs in Washington. We need someone who will fight for the issues that matter most to our families — like restoring voting rights, combating the climate crisis, protecting our health care, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, raising the minimum wage, creating good-paying union jobs, taxing wealth, getting money out of politics, and so much more. That’s why Sarah got in this fight.

Sarah has a proven record of winning tough statewide elections, championing the issues that matter most to working families, and delivering real results. She took on the most powerful Republican in Wisconsin and won with a supermajority statewide — defeating Scott Walker’s efforts to consolidate power in the last midterm election. She can take on Ron Johnson and win, too.

The naysayers will say we shouldn’t even try to take on Ron Johnson, but Sarah is no stranger to being underestimated. Every time someone has told her what she can’t do, she has shown them what she can do. When we defeat Ron Johnson to flip this seat from red to blue, workers and families will have a U.S. Senator fighting for them in Washington, not the special interests.

The people of Wisconsin deserve nothing less than someone who will show up in their communities, listen to their concerns, ask how they can help, and put in a little western Wisconsin elbow grease to get the job done. That’s what Sarah has done as State Treasurer, and it’s exactly what she will do as Wisconsin’s next U.S. Senator.

Sarah lives in Wisconsin with her husband Max, their son Hartley, and rescue dog, Tanner. If elected, Sarah would be the first millennial mom to serve in the U.S. Senate, bringing a desperately-needed voice to the decision-making table.

Our campaign has already been endorsed by EMILY’s List, the leading group working to elect pro-choice Democratic women. Since their founding, they have helped elect 26 women to the U.S. Senate, including Wisconsin’s very own Senator Tammy Baldwin.