Working Families

Sarah knows too many working families are struggling. She’s committed to taking concrete steps to reduce the essential, everyday expenses they face so that they can maintain their quality of life. 

Sarah will fight to make the expanded child tax credit permanent. She also is committed to ensuring working families have access to quality childcare at a price they can afford so more Wisconsin families can be financially secure. With soaring child care costs and a shortage of child care workers, Sarah knows that Washington politicians must work harder to provide families with relief. 

Sarah is determined to enact paid leave at the federal level. As a mom, Sarah understands workers should not be penalized for needing time to care for their newborns, kids, sick family members, or aging parents. Yet, in the United States, approximately 80% of workers still don’t have access to some sort of paid family leave. Sarah knows that parental paid leave can keep mothers, in particular, in the workforce and can provide economic relief to families struggling to keep up with soaring everyday expenses. 

Sarah believes after a lifetime of hard work, no one should have to worry about their retirement security, and members of Congress must do everything they can to protect Social Security for future generations.  As Treasurer she has led on this issue and will continue to do so in the US Senate. 

Sarah is committed to making sure all Wisconsinites have access to affordable housing. Sarah will fight for an increase in tax incentives through the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit to jumpstart construction of affordable housing. She will also support laws to help communities develop and implement comprehensive housing policy plans and will work to provide safe and affordable housing in rural communities. 

In the Senate, Sarah will fight to fund programs which prioritize communities that historically have been left behind when it comes to buying homes and building wealth, like Take Root Wisconsin and Take Root Milwaukee which get homeowners free or low-cost services to help buy, stay, or fix their home.