Rural Wisconsin

As a proud fifth-generation Wisconsinite with deep family roots in rural Wisconsin, Sarah has always been a strong and consistent voice for our rural communities — traveling to every corner of the state, listening to the challenges rural folks are facing, and asking how she can help. 

Sarah believes no one should have to leave their community to get a quality education, find a good-paying job, raise a family, or access affordable health care. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s happening because most lawmakers in Washington have failed to meaningfully invest in our rural communities. 

Rural communities are the backbone of our state, and they deserve someone who will always put their voices front and center in Washington. When Sarah is in the U.S. Senate, that’s what they will get.

Throughout this campaign, Sarah has worked hard to build trust and earn support in rural areas, often going places Democrats don’t often go. She’s proud to have the support of countless rural leaders across Wisconsin, and organizations like United Rural Democrats and No Dem Left Behind.

In order to restore and reinvigorate these communities, Sarah was the first candidate to release a plan to invest in rural Wisconsin by making the internet a public utility, broadening access to quality health care, expanding education and job opportunities, tackling the climate crisis, and investing in Wisconsin family farms.

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