Racial Justice

Sarah recognizes that for too long, communities of color in Wisconsin have been disparately impacted by everything from lead laterals in Milwaukee to pollutants in tribal fishing waters to Black maternal mortality rates to incarceration rates and much more. Racial inequities cut across almost every aspect of Wisconsin life, and that’s simply unacceptable.

With Milwaukee as one of the most racially segregated cities in the country, Sarah knows we need to provide more resources, training, and community partnerships to close the racial gap in housing, education, and environmental justice.

Wisconsin has the highest incarceration rate of Black adults in the country. Sarah wants Wisconsin to lead the nation in education, economic opportunity, and restorative justice – not incarceration. Sarah also recognizes that Wisconsin needs systemic reforms to make our broken criminal justice system more equitable. 

Sarah will work to end mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenses, fight to pass the Equal Act, and support retroactive decriminalization and expungement of offenses stemming from drugs that have since been legalized. Sarah also supports the legalization of marijuana. 

But righting these systemic wrongs means more than just passing commonsense criminal justice reforms. We need to give Wisconsin’s Black and Brown communities the support they need to build wealth and further their economic well being. Sarah will work to change this disparity by fighting to provide child savings accounts – similar to her work as Treasurer with her 401(K)ids initiative, to expanding homeownership accessibility and affordability, and supporting Black owned businesses. For example, there is only one Black-owned bank in Wisconsin, and Sarah believes this is an opportunity for further growth and change. With great disparities in networth between white and Black Americans, Sarah is committed to continuing to lead the much needed change to close this systemic gap.