National Security

Sarah has extensive national security experience, having spent almost eight years working on national security with the Pentagon. The Senate plays a critical role with our foreign affairs and national security, and Sarah has the much needed experience to not only be an effective voice, but to be a watchdog against waste and abuse in our military budget. 

A top priority for Sarah is strengthening our cybersecurity. She knows that strong national security means strong cybersecurity. Recent cyberattacks have highlighted the vulnerability of our infrastructure. Sarah will fight to devote sufficient resources to intelligence tools to counter this threat. 

Supporting democracy abroad is central to ensuring a stable, equitable, and just global society. With a peace and conflict resolution background, Sarah knows that the United States must continue to work with our allies around the world to strengthen democratic elections and confront human rights abuses. Ending corruption is an essential part of promoting democracy and restoring faith in democratic institutions both at home and globally. 

Further, Sarah is committed to ensuring we support veterans and their families however we can, including providing help for those suffering from addiction and mental health challenges. She will make sure that veterans and their families have the resources they need to thrive.