Mental Health

No matter where she goes or who she talks to, Sarah hears about the mental health crisis in Wisconsin. The system is broken.

Sarah believes mental health care is a right, and it must be a priority. But getting treatment and prevention simply isn’t an option for far too many of our communities. A lack of federal funding and a shortage of mental health care providers have made it difficult for people to get the help they need. Now, more than ever, Wisconsinites need a lifeline, and Sarah is fighting to make sure they get one.

Sarah is committed to helping Wisconsin families get the support and resources they need to achieve the quality of life they deserve. She knows the federal government must devote more research, more funding, and more innovative programming toward improving and expanding access to mental health services. Whether it is addressing the challenges facing youth, veterans, seniors, new mothers, or farmers, or providing resources for addiction recovery, Sarah wants to be a mental health champion in the Senate. That’s why she developed and released a plan to address the ongoing mental health crisis in Wisconsin and across the country.

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