Health Care

Sarah believes quality, affordable health care, including mental health care, is a basic human right.  

In the Senate, she will fight to strengthen the Affordable Care Act and pass a public option. Sarah wants to expand Medicare to cover vision, dental, and hearing and work to make Medicaid expansion a reality in Wisconsin. 

Sarah supports making telehealth affordable and accessible to all Wisconsinites. Telemedicine benefits all communities across Wisconsin and has been particularly instrumental in the administration of mental health services in rural communities, where providers are few and far between.

Sarah is committed to bringing down prescription drug costs and won’t be afraid to take on the big drug companies for ripping off vulnerable Wisconsinites in order to make a profit. 

In the Senate, Sarah will fight to ensure Medicare can negotiate for lower drug costs, work to cap out-of-pocket prescription costs, and cap the price of widely-used drugs, like insulin. She will also fight to eliminate the tax loophole for pharmaceutical companies that allows their advertising expenses to be tax-deductible. She will work to crack down on patent abuse by pharmaceutical companies to lower drug costs for consumers and make generics more widely and readily available.

Read Sarah’s full plan to lower prescription drug costs and hold Big Pharma accountable here.