Democracy is the foundation of our country – if we don’t have democracy, we have nothing. Sarah knows we must protect Wisconsinites’ say in the democratic process by stopping systematic attacks on their voting rights and restrictions on ballot box access, fighting to get money out of politics, and putting an end to partisan gerrymandering.

We must make it easier to vote — especially for working people, people of color, the elderly and disabled, LGBTQ+ voters, and young voters. She will fight to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act to restore voting protections under the original Voting Rights Act (VRA), as well as the Freedom to Vote Act which would make Election Day a national holiday, provide for no excuse vote by mail, and crack down on partisan gerrymandering and purging voters from the rolls. 

Sarah believes in the American ideal of a free, fair and secure electoral process. In order to ensure this and protect democracy, Sarah is committed to confronting the foreign and domestic evolving threats we see to our electoral process. 

Abolishing the filibuster is a top priority for Sarah. Sarah believes that there is simply too much at stake — from addressing climate change to affordable prescription drugs — to continue to allow the filibuster to prevent Congress from passing legislation that Americans desperately need.

Sarah supports campaign finance reform, and will fight to overturn the Citizens United decision and get corporate and dark money out of politics. She has never taken a dime of corporate PAC money, and never will.