Cutting Costs

For too long, working families have had to stretch every last nickel to make ends meet, while big corporations rake in massive profits. Now more than ever, Wisconsinites are feeling the squeeze of rising costs and inflation each time they stop for gas, go to the grocery store, refill a prescription, or pay their monthly bills.  

Sarah believes Republicans, and even some Democrats, need to step up and work together to ease growing financial burdens. Wisconsinites are working too hard for Washington politicians to continue to let them down by looking out for the wealthy and special interests at the expense of working families. 

In the Senate, Sarah will fight to lower energy costs, improve the supply chain, make housing more affordable, crack down on corporate profiteering and price gouging, and much more. She’ll look out for working families by fighting for affordable child care and making the child tax credit expansion permanent.

Read Sarah’s comprehensive plan to cut costs for Wisconsin families and put money back into working people’s pockets.