Climate + Environment + Safe, Clean Water

Sarah knows that climate change impacts every aspect of Wisconsinites’ lives, which is why she doesn’t just talk the talk — she walks the walk. 

As Wisconsin State Treasurer, Sarah’s first major act was to overturn a Republican gag order that prevented climate change from being considered when making investments. She refuses to sit on the sidelines and watch as the powerful fossil fuel industry denies climate change — threatening Wisconsin’s heritage, health, and future. She knows we have to take immediate and bold action before the consequences to the environment get even worse. That’s what she has done as State Treasurer, and it’s what she will continue to do as our next U.S. Senator.

Wisconsinites urgently need safe, clean drinking water. Right now, too many folks across our state can’t trust the water coming out of their tap, and Sarah is fighting to end that — immediately.

To ensure everyone can access safe, clean drinking water, Sarah is committed to getting lead and harmful chemicals like PFAS and nitrates out of our water. She will work to safeguard Wisconsin’s waterways and water system to guarantee clean water for drinking, fish and wildlife, and recreation. She will fight to hold big polluters accountable for carelessly putting corporate profits above public health and violating their civic, legal, and moral duty to act as good citizens and neighbors. And she won’t stop there.

Read more about Sarah’s plan to make Wisconsin’s water safe here

In the Senate, Sarah will fight to end fossil fuel subsidies and work hard to transform our country from brown energy to green energy, expanding our clean infrastructure to improve electric and energy supply, partnering with farmers to reduce emissions and preserve our natural resources, and prioritizing action on clean water and clean air. 

Sarah will work to preserve our Great Lakes, protect our environment and natural resources, and ensure public lands stay in public hands so that future generations can continue to enjoy Wisconsin’s natural beauty.

Communities of color, and low-income and Indigenous communities have been disproportionately impacted by Washington’s inaction on this urgent threat — from Milwaukee families struggling with lead laterals, to southwest Wisconsinites facing poisonous wells, and so many more. When Sarah is in the U.S. Senate, she will fight to make sure environmental justice is front and center in every climate measure we take.