Distinguished pols of the week: Pro-choice female candidates channel the anger of millions

The leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court reversing Roe v. Wade that would send abortion back to the states reverberated throughout the country. In Senate races, in particular, we saw female Democratic candidates capture the zeitgeist with some righteous fury.

Sarah Godlewski, the Wisconsin state treasurer who is seeking to oust gaffe machine and Trump sycophant Sen. Ron Johnson (R) — was the first out of the gate Thursday with a new TV ad:

All Democrats in Godlewski’s race are pro-choice, but she best channeled the raw emotion many are experiencing. For Godlewski and other women, this is very real and very personal.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin’s other senator, Tammy Baldwin (who is not up this cycle), reminded voters in a Thursday news conference that if Roe is repealed, an 1849 law banning abortions in her state will go into effect. The Democrat urged passage of the Women’s Health Protection Act (which she co-sponsors) to codify Roe in federal law.

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